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Where’s my coffee from? Like… exactly where? When was it roasted? At what temperature? Who roasted it?

Gather ’round. Your beans have a story to tell.

Our traceability app allows you to follow the journey of your beans from crop to cup.

How it works: each bag of Ethical Bean Coffee is equipped with a unique QR code located on a sticker at the back of each bag. Simply scan the code to learn where your coffee was grown, when it was roasted, and how our Director of Coffee scores it.

App features:

MyCoffee: Keep track of your Ethical Bean coffee purchases.

Scan: Trace your bag’s journey from crop to cup.

Our Coffees: Check out roast profiles of our entire collection.

Co-ops: See a listing of our global cooperative partners.

No cell phone handy?

Manually enter the lot number located directly below the QR code on the back of the bag (e.g. EB2045626) here: