We could be the best people in the world, but if our coffee isn’t the best you can buy, we know you won’t be coming back.

Quality coffee drives Ethical Bean. Our Director of Coffee, Aaron De Lazzer, became Canada’s first Certified Q Grader in 2008—no small task.

Certified Q Graders are professional coffee graders and cuppers who have undergone a rigorous testing of their senses and skills to become the industry’s most eminent coffee experts.

Aaron selects only the best Fairtrade Certified and Organic coffees on offer. And once he chooses the right coffees, Aaron works with our production team to roast them to perfection.

To learn more about our coffees, scan the QR code on your next bag of Ethical Bean. Every bag has a story.

To see our rainbow of roasts and try one yourself, visit our online store.